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The Best AR Glasses for 2022

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The Best AR Glasses for 2022

Augmented and mixed realities are emerging in two directions: AR for social apps and collaborative technologies for expert consumers looking to optimize and reimagine their job.

This list is entirely dedicated to the latter. 

Mixed reality for professionals is producing an interesting evolution curve. It’s an emerging technology that is becoming progressively appealing to a wide range of consumers, particularly professionals that rely on field service and creative cooperation.

The technology is undoubtedly enjoying a time in the spotlight, especially as users discover novel ways of using AR glasses in the new post-pandemic professional environment. Eliminating the problem areas of working remotely is one of the primary uses of AR glasses. 

If you engage in a truly collaborative and predominantly visual area, such as design or field service, these glasses might drastically revolutionize how you operate and binge on other things while freeing you up from nearly anywhere.

AR glasses have had a huge influence on next-generation technology. This is visible in the projected sale of smart and AR glasses from 410 thousand units in 2021 to 3.9 million in 2024. While there are few options for true AR glasses on the market so far, smart glasses are an important step forward. It’s expected that many of these brands will branch into AR over the next decade.

In this article, we will discuss the best AR glasses for 2022 and smart glasses that are advancing technology. 


How Much AR Glasses Cost

AR glasses have progressed from being prohibitively costly, cumbersome, and innovative over the last decade to become inconspicuous and extremely practical. While calling any type of AR glasses inexpensive is still a reach, the price has dropped substantially. 

As more businesses enter the market, competition is likely to drive innovation and design while also driving down costs.

AR glasses have a wide range of functions, but in general, the gadgets employ the front camera in conjunction with software that can detect specific anchors and features. Only the creators’ imaginations restrict functionality.


Best Smart & AR Glasses of 2022

Let us look one by one into the latest smart and AR glasses released in the market.


1. Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses

This latest upgraded version of the Vuzix Blade provides an improved capability of the AR glasses. The AR features, together with its inbuilt speakers, noise-canceling microphones, and remarkably strong camera, makes it to the top of the list of the best AR glasses.

A complete display on the Blade’s right lens superimposes digital visuals over the surrounding environment. For a genuine augmented reality experience, the clear display allows you to view both simultaneously, and head motion control adjusts to your actions. It’s controlled by the Android OS.

You could also use the associated software to link the Blade with your smartphones to further personalize its capabilities and receive phone notifications directly on your glasses.

These glasses come with a built-in camera of 8 MP, good enough to record high-definition video. With noise cancellation technology in the microphones and voice command functions, these glasses top the list.

2. Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories, created in collaboration with Facebook, are distinct in that they resemble regular sunglasses. The super stylish patterns provided by Ray-Ban don’t scream geek when you put these glasses on, which is a positive thing.

These come in three Ray-Ban designs as well as five colors and six lens options. Corrective lenses are also offered, so Ray-Ban has most individuals covered.

They also function as Bluetooth earphones. Furthermore, you can upload photographs and videos captured with these, via an application, to your Facebook account. A camera feature on the right side allows you to take pictures, and a smidge surface allows you to control calls, music, and volume.

Despite the apparent privacy concerns, these are likely the most feature-rich smart glasses available. Although there is no AR display, Facebook has stated that one will be available in the future.

3. TechKen Sunglasses

If you’re seeking something less expensive, you might want to check out these technologically advanced AR sunglasses from TechKen. They are a terrific option for running and other leisure adventures because they have Bluetooth earphones. 

These earphones are secured to the glasses, so you can listen to music without worrying about losing it. You can easily adjust them to yours. When you link these glasses to your phone, it enables you to take calls, thanks to their built-in microphones. You can also control the audio, playback and pause songs, and accept calls using buttons on the frames.

4. Lenovo ThinkReality A3

The ThinkReality A3 AR glasses are Lenovo’s first product on the AR market. The most predictable aspect of this device is, without a doubt, the fact that it’s wired and intended to be used with a computer or phone. 

The gear is portable and contains capabilities like an 8MP camera and built-in speakers that are similar to those on Google Glass Enterprise. With coworkers who can’t share documents physically at an actual workplace, ThinkReality A3 is their best option as it’s more similar to screen-sharing.

5. Epson Moverio BT-300

The 3rd generation of Epson’s augmented reality solutions, the Moverio BT-300 smart eyeglasses, have an incredibly light design and a potent OLED display.

While using Epson’s AR glasses, you can quickly access a wide range of essential digital content. You can enjoy Bluetooth and wi-fi connections, and there is a main camera that you may use hands-free to transmit videos to your coworkers.

Epson is the innovation you need if you’re seeking a pair of powerful yet incredibly light AR glasses for your expanding team.

6. Amazon Echo Frames

The latest Amazon Echo Frames offer the ease of Alexa to your glasses. You can simply pair them with your smartphones through Bluetooth to gain all-day accessibility to your digital assistant. Whenever you say Alexa, the in-built microphones will begin listening right away. 

Ask it questions, line up with your preferred music and receive phone alerts straight in your ears. The Echo Frames, like the other wearable tech on this list, have an open-ear acoustic layout with micro speakers incorporated in the frames. You can understand what they’re saying, but the individuals around you cannot.

If having messages in your ears does not suit you, these glasses contain a VIP filtering feature. It notifies you of updates from a selected list of individuals. You can switch off Alexa with a click if you don’t wish the microphone to be on all day.

7. Smith Lowdown Focus

Have you ever wondered if smart glasses could help you calm down and concentrate? That is the basis of Smith Lowdown Focus. These smart glasses work with earphones and are an application for retraining your mind to ease down and enhance attention by utilizing your brain activation level and breath.

Although it may sound strange, the glasses are a fantastic new tool for mindful meditation.

Frequent sessions help individuals focus better, control anxiety, and avoid distractions. Brain-sensing technology, which operates through electrodes in the earpieces of the frames, delivers feedback on your mind’s level of activity, allowing the users to understand when they need to engage to fight stress or perform complicated tasks.

The frames alone are discreet and unlikely to draw attention. If you’re having trouble with concentration, think about giving Lowdown Focus a worthy try.

8. Flows Bandwidth

If you primarily intend to use your smart eyeglasses to hear music, the Flows Bandwidth is a smart option. They have a sleek mid-range alternative that appears like conventional glasses but has all the benefits of a set of Bluetooth headphones. 

They have an attractive design with small bone transmission speakers on the eyeglasses’ arms. They transmit audio to your ears, allowing you to hear both your music and your environment. The Flows, like many other audio glasses in the industry, provide built-in microphones for answering calls whenever your phone is connected. 

Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.0 also provides a more stable and powerful connection. These glasses come in 2 shapes, round Taylor’s and rectangle Bruno’s. Both models have a 5-hour power consumption capacity and can charge completely within two hours.

9. Bose Frames

These sunglasses are another entrant in the field of AR glasses, and they have the best audio experience of any product on this list. They also resemble normal sunglasses the most. If appearance is important, Bose provides 5 different audio eyewear styles.

The speakers of Bose Frames are integrated into the arms and placed precisely behind the wearer’s ears. Despite the lack of in-ear headphones, the shape of the eyeglasses prevents audio from escaping to those around you. This allows you to listen to the audio while remaining completely aware of your environment.

The audio has the great warm sound that the Bose company is renowned for.  The only drawback is that it may be muted out by background noise. So, if you’re traveling or going to listen anywhere loud, your music may be difficult to hear.

The Bose Frames also include the Bose AR technology, which is currently in its initial stages but has the potential to provide unique AR sound experiences. The glasses already have gyroscopes and activity recognition built-in, making them ideal for AR app integration.

10. Snap Spectacles 3

Snapchat’s Snap Spectacles 3 is exciting and trendy as you would expect from a social networking firm’s smart eyewear. They are also surprisingly technological. These glasses, which have 2 HD lenses and 4 microphones, can capture 3D pictures and 60 fps video filming capability with strong audio. 

The lenses are located on the 2 upper corners of the frames. When they take shots from these slightly varied viewpoints simultaneously, the images are merged to generate a stunning three-dimensional appearance. The glasses use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, allowing you to instantaneously post media to the Snapchat application or somewhere else. 

Snapchat has a collection of unique AR filters that work flawlessly with glasses footage to add another level of amazing effects. The glasses come with a power adapter and can be charged completely within an hour. Their striking design is offered in two colors- black and a soft rose gold tone.


That’s all for this article. Hopefully, you can easily select an AR glass that suits your needs. The AR industry is rapidly advancing, with new gadgets with advanced features introduced daily to improve your daily lives. 

Smart glasses are critical for the next significant step toward a final triumph and guaranteeing that AR has entered the mainstream. 

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