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What is Augmented Reality Communication?

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What is Augmented Reality Communication

 The world is changing, and businesses have more tools than ever to bring the employees and clients closer to each other. Augmented reality communication falls under that umbrella.

Augmented reality communication is the use of AR as a medium for sharing information and connecting with an audience. AR communication is used every day by businesses marketing products to customers and individuals connecting with others on social media. 

Augmented reality can be used to help increase revenue and deliver communications that have strong impact. The best part is that in most cases you can get started with the devices you already have. 


What is Augmented Reality? 

AR is a fun and interactive experience that creates visual elements in your real world environment.You’ll see a character or person added onto your real world through a smart device. Many of these computer-generated images can move and interact. 

AR is more accessible than ever, meaning that no major start-up costs are really needed to start using the technology. You can also get programs specifically created for your own company to show clients what you can do in real-time. 

What is the Difference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? 

With virtual reality games and applications becoming more mainstream it can be difficult to know the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. 

VR takes place in a completely virtual world. You have no control over the world around you, and everything that happens is controlled by the system that you are using. AR is used in a real-world setting, and it’s controlled by the user. It is a combination of virtual and realistic worlds. Where VR is only in the fictional world and does not play out in reality at all. 

Augmented reality can be used through a smartphone or other existing device,  but for virtual reality, you need specialized equipment like a headset to access it. 

Those are the basic differences. It might sound like they work on the same type of principle but they can be very different. 


What is Augmented Reality Communication? 

Augmented reality communications are all of the ways that communications inside the business and with your clients can be affected by AR technology. It can give a more personal touch even when the service provider is on the other side of the world. 

Using AR helps with engagement and creating an emotional reaction from your clients. Imagine speaking to your entire staff even if they are all over the world. And they all feel like you are right in front of them. It gives a much more personal touch to the situation. 

Or helping a client with a problem, and it feels like an in-person meeting even at times when we aren’t able to have close contact. It can be a game changer. The possibilities AR communications opens up to business are incredible. It’s even possible to help to get a better understanding of the live view that you are getting in front of you. 

For example, those old sci-fi shows where they are wearing glasses and then get all of the information about the person they are looking at described onto the screen? That is very possible now. But instead, it will be accessible to many more people, and you only need the device you already have. 


How Does AR Give You a Deeper Emotional Connection? 

It is all about immersion. When you use more of your senses to experience something, it leads to a deeper emotional connection to that experience. Even a simple presentation can be taken to a whole other level through the use of augmented reality.

In the past, we could use things like PowerPoint presentations to show our clients what we can offer. But now, you can use augmented reality not only use charts or numbers. Instead, you can do presentations through interactive graphics and videos. 


Some Ways AR Communication can be Used 

Businesses can use AR to provide a personal touch by adapting it to exactly what interests clients and employees. As AR is accessible and convenient, you can connect the client to the area of your company that they really want to see. You can show them your entire range of products in their own surroundings, without carrying anything with you or being there yourself. 

You can even use augmented reality to put your product in your client’s homes or businesses. For companies that sell paint, you can completely change your space and see how a certain color will look on your walls without painting them first. 

Companies that sell furniture, for example, have apps that let you see how your purchase looks in your space without having to change things around first. Cabinet makers can see how the finished product will look before it is made. 

The list goes on. It can pretty much have benefits for any product or service that you provide. And with the communications programs you can give all of those services remotely. 

IKEA has been using this technology for a while now. They started using it in 2012, allowing customers to see how certain shelves or tables would look in their own homes before purchasing. With the IKEA Place app you can look at the entire IKEA catalog and see how their pieces fit into your home before you commit to buying it. Never again will you set up a new piece of furniture just to realize that it doesn’t fit the space you have for it. 

Beauty companies no longer need to train many people to give women a complete make-over for them to see what the products can do. L’Oreal and Sephora have apps that give people the advice that they need and even allows them to try some of the make-up lines using augmented reality.

Company training can also benefit from AR technology. The most experienced people in a certain department of your company can give personalized training from anywhere in the world. They can be creative while doing it and make it memorable, creating an emotional experience. 


Things to Consider When Launching AR in Your Business

Before you implement AR communications right through your business, you might want to consider a few things. 

For example, which area of communications will AR work best? Where can you use the art of visual storytelling and increase productivity with AR? Depending on the size and type of your business, you might want to start small and try it in a certain area before you launch a company-wide roll-out. That way, you can better track the program’s success and see if it will be worth it to make larger investments in programs for your company. 

Think of your audience. Will the clients that you are servicing be able to use augmented reality? Will they embrace the technology or will they push back against using it? More importantly, will they have the tech to use it?

Technology can be two-sided in rural areas. If your audience doesn’t have access to stable internet, it could be impossible to use AR communications there. If they do have stable connections, then it could be a great way of communicating with your clients and giving it a much more personal touch. 



Augmented reality communications is a way of using AR to better the way you communicate with others, including in business. It can be a wonderful addition to any business. Including giving a more emotional connection and using your own devices to enhance the storytelling. 

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