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Creating an Augmented Reality Poster: Mind-Blowing Ideas

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Creating an Augmented Reality Poster: Mind-Blowing Ideas

Augmented Reality has changed the world. There are some really incredible ways that AR is being incorporated into advertising for businesses, taking your advertising to a whole new level. 

Augmented reality isn’t just a cool trick to use for games; it’s also a wonderful tool to use to create images, art, and eventually, posters that are completely next level. You can create mind-blowing content that will definitely draw the attention of clients. 

In this article, we will discuss the ways that these AR images can be created, the skill level required to make them, and the business that could benefit from augmented reality posters. Plus, we’ll look at a few real-world examples of AR posters.


A Brief Intro to AR

Augmented reality is a tool where real-world visuals are enhanced with the help of technology. It’s almost like a layering of visuals. You see the real world in front of you, but then the AR software adds animations or images on top of that. 

Suddenly, you can see dragons in your living room. Or an art piece in a museum with the long-dead artist explaining exactly where he painted the piece and how old he was when he painted it. It can really enhance the world around us and add to it. 

Augmented reality is different from Virtual Reality in the sense that everything in VR is virtual. It’s a completely encompassing world with avatars of the people exploring it. There is no real-world element in VR, and VR normally needs specific hardware like a virtual reality headset. Augmented reality can be used with the right software and your smartphone. 


What is an Augmented Reality Poster?

An AR poster could look like a normal poster at first sight. It will have a normal poster that can be seen with the naked eye, in a magazine, or on a wall, just like any other general poster without AR. 

However, the user who is looking at the poster can also download an app onto their smartphones and then use it to digitally generate information that is laid over what the user can see in the real world. This unlocks extra information, and it will allow you to see a lot more. 

For example, if you see a poster in a hotel room, then the AR part of the poster can show you a virtual rendering of the room or information about the hotel. Alternatively,  it can give you a taste of the event that the poster is advertising or information about local attractions. 

It basically enhances the real physical world and posters that you can see.


Real-world Businesses Using AR Posters

There are many different ways that businesses have started to use augmented reality in their advertising. Posters can be simple pages with links on them that take you to a whole new interactive world of the product that you are using. 

For example, Burberry recently launched a new handbag called Olympia. They did a pop-up in the British store Harrods where the customers could scan a QR code found inside the store. The customer would then be able to watch the Elphis statue walk around in the real-world surroundings. 

Amazon Salon is another great example of a company using AR technology to create an incredible experience for its customers. The salon is the first real-world salon from Amazon, but they are still technologically advanced. 

Amazon Studio has point-and -earn products, so customers can look at the display shelf or the posters and then point to the product with their phone. Customers will then be taken to all of the relative information about the product at hand. 

Amazon even takes it a step further, allowing their clients to use AR to see exactly the color of their hair will be after their color treatment and consider how it will look. This innovation is pretty great and will eliminate any regrets later. 


Why AR Matters in Business 

There are many different types of businesses that have started to use AR technology to make their advertisements and their campaigns bigger and better. But which types of businesses can benefit from these AR images? 


Types of Businesses That Could Benefit From AR 

If your customers use smartphones then there is a good chance that your business can benefit from these AR ideas. Even if your business is not highly technological it can still benefit from AR posters. 

Different real-world businesses can use AR tech to help their clients. It could be as simple as having a magazine ad that takes them to your website. 

Or a poster on the subway that takes them to an app that will allow them to place the product that you are advertising in their surroundings. If that is clothing they could see it in front of them. Make-up on their face and even more. 

Businesses can benefit from AR by being part of a growing industry. It can bring the store to the customers by showing them exactly what you have to offer. Or allowing them to see how your product will work in their homes. 

It can even reduce a language barrier with customers having access to the product details in whichever language they prefer. Finally, it lets your business stand out from the rest. 


Tools and Skills Businesses Need for AR

To create great AR posters you will need a little bit of knowledge of graphic design. At the same time, you can use apps and software that will take you through the process in a step-by-step way and help you create these images and posters. 

There are a number of software options available to help you. Software like Aurasma Studio, Vuforia, Unity, and many more can all help you create a stunning AR poster for your business. If you aren’t very technologically inclined then you can still use a graphic design company to create these posters for you. 


What is AR in Design?

There are different types of building blocks you use to create an augmented reality poster. It starts with design, just as a normal poster would. Then you use AR art or AR images to create the effect that you want to show to the world. 


Traditional Design vs. AR Design

For the traditional design of a poster or other advertisement the graphic designer normally takes pictures and words and creates an image that tells the customer the story that the business wants them to see. It works but there is just so much that you can do. 

With augmented reality design, they still create these images. Then, they take parts of the physical world and add computer-generated content on top of what you see. Music, images, and a lot more can open up the humble poster and make it a massive statement piece for any business. 


Augmented Reality in Art and Images 

Creating art and images with augmented reality can be very special and create an incredible product. Exhibits all around the world are starting to use AR when they show pieces of art. Tourist attractions use it for augmented reality tours, where the tour guide is on your phone and answers all of your questions virtually. 

Art that incorporates AR can be incredible. Now, artists don’t just show their art pieces to the public; they can really allow them inside the thought process. Designers can add music or layers of art to make the experience much bigger. 

The same can be done for the images that get used on a poster. Imagine a fashion poster where the model is wearing a certain outfit. With the help of AR you could allow the user to put her in any outfit in your range and add any accessories that they choose. Retailers can take it further by setting up a mirror so consumers can try their clothes on themselves. This can be done in the smallest of spaces, and integrate an online sales portal.

Augmented reality opens up your business to the world without the need of having all of your products available for them to try. 


Creating an AR Poster

Using AR software, AR images, and AR art together to create an incredible poster can be very beneficial for your business. 

Almost any company can see the positive effects of using AR in their business. There are apps and programs that can assist you to create AR posters. And the level of skill needed is not as high as it once was. 

But creating these posters can make your business stand out among the rest. 

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