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Exciting Augmented Reality Outdoor Apps for Summer

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While strolling along with the lush green fields or trekking through a natural forest, most of us would rather stay away from the gadgets we use in our daily lives. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the peace and calmness of nature?

Although you might think that technology and nature are not linked in any way, we strongly disagree. Today’s generation can’t move an inch without the use of technology. Smartphones can help us understand territory and ecology, navigate securely through wild areas, and also monitor the weather.

Augmented reality is being implemented in mobile applications at a rapid pace. By 2024 there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality (AR) user devices worldwide. AR, with the help of some outdoor applications on your smartphone, can help you savor the natural charm of a landscape or a verdant forest in a more educational, engaging, and fun way. Furthermore, AR outdoor applications also interact with your health and fitness by providing data and tracking your outdoor activity. 

In this article, we will talk about the most exciting AR outdoor apps you can use while also enjoying nature.


Exciting Augmented Reality Outdoor Apps for Summer

Let us look at the best AR outdoor apps and see what suits you according to your ideal adventure.


1. Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 is an effective, user-friendly, and instructional stargazing application that you can use for both educational and recreational purposes. It’s ideal for adults, kids, and budding astronomers alike. This AR app combines astronomical data with cutting-edge analytics to enable you to explore the stars at night time in a meaningful way and view amazing celestial occurrences.

With options to alter the formations’ visual representation lines or actual photos and the number of stars visible in the sky, the software is extremely well built. Moreover, the music is excellent. Although you need to purchase packages to get data on satellites, planetary cores, and other constellations, it is definitely worth it. Star Walk is definitely among the best AR outdoor applications that you must try out.

2. Viewranger

Viewranger is a simple application that transforms your smartphone into a fully functional GPS. Its true beauty lies not in the program itself but rather in the impressive licensed library of topographic maps that you can purchase. 

Viewranger employs accurate topographic maps produced by the government in addition to commonly available online maps that can be found in several similar mapping programs. Overall, this application is fantastic for outdoor use, especially while going on hikes and treks to explore nature.

3. PeakVisor

PeakVisor is the most comprehensive mountain identifier and 3D Maps app available. There are thousands of named summits in the mountains database, along with a massive amount of information about peaks across the globe. It’s available on both iOS and Android operating systems. 

PeakVisor displays the names and elevation of local peaks using your cellphone’s camera and augmented reality (AR) technology.

It easily creates a digital landscape model and names every peak nearby so you can easily distinguish between them, determine their height and category, and access a wealth of other details. PeakVisor will include a link to any related wiki articles on the height if there are any.

4. Fishbrain

With the assistance of Fishbrain, users can make the most of their fishing passion by receiving the most recent data on the best fishing locations. The app assists in keeping track of their captures in one place, and interacting with other anglers in the neighborhood. The application’s categorized menu is used for navigation. The home screen has buttons for logging a catch or adding any event. The user can also browse carefully chosen information. The Fishbrain application is unique. It offers a wealth of useful information for anyone seeking an enjoyable weekend on the waters and is a terrific platform for folks who enjoy fishing to communicate with others in their region. The app is straightforward and its user-friendly navigation makes it available to all users.

5. Seek

With the assistance of Seek is an entertaining, safe AR application for youngsters and newbies to explore local biodiversity built by iNaturalist. If you simply wish to gain knowledge about what you witness during exploring the wild forests, it is a wonderful way to do so.

Simply take pictures of the vegetation, wildlife, and fungi you come across while using the app. When you first begin, there is a quick reminder to stay safe while taking photos. The application makes use of iNaturalist’s technology for image recognition. The inbuilt tech of the application recognizes the organisms and keeps adding them to your catalog after you snap a picture of it.

If Seek is unable to classify your discovery to the species level, you can still post a photo to the electronic database. Here, scientists and nature lovers in the application’s community can assist in identifying it.

6. PlantSnap

The most advanced, thorough, and precise application for plant detection is PlantSnap. 90% of all vegetation species are quickly and accurately identified by the app. There are more than 600k plants in the app’s database. PlantSnap is available in 37 different languages and functions everywhere on Earth.

All you need to do is take a picture of any plant you need information on. The application will recognize it for you in a couple of seconds. You may get back in touch with nature, communicate with other PlantSnappers worldwide, and discover more about the trees and plants you come across on a daily basis.

7. WallaMe

With the help of images of the physical world, you can generate messages using the free AR messaging application WallaMe. The app allows you to click real-life pics and then edit them with emojis, writing, and other elements to create an image.  Anyone who has access to the place will be able to view the portrait you have created whenever they cross that wall. This is an entertaining application for sharing messages with your loved ones or playing for fun. Think geotagging with hidden notes!

8. SkyView

SkyView is an augmented reality-enabled stargazing app. The app is quite simple to set up and use. You can adjust a few basic parameters to your liking, including the display’s night-view setting and the atmospheric music, which has a faint lullaby-like quality. Additionally, the brightness of the star’s magnitude can be altered.

The nifty little software addition Space Navigator allows you to point your space navigator telescope or binoculars at a specific star, planet, or celestial object in the sky at night.

This is a great app that can enhance interest and enthusiasm if you’re an amateur astronomer or keen on viewing the night sky.

9. AR Trails

With the help of AR Trails, you can use your location to transform a typical hiking trip into an augmented reality experience-based trip. You are guided to locations containing media material, which you can watch or hear by holding your phone. The software shares information about natural and cultural resources and raises awareness of it. It aids in bridging the communication problem for local guides as well.

The software contains interesting information in several formats, including audio, film, images, cartoon, and 3D. You can pin and upload your images using the app’s unique function, and you can also leave other users audio and voice messages.

10. Healium

Healium’s augmented reality application enables you to meditate anywhere, at any time, without the need for a VR headset. This application assists people in managing their anxiety and stress on their own. It involves a combination of neurobiology, storytelling, and game mechanics. 

You will receive a Healium assessment scorecard for your exercise with a customized data dashboard following every session. Look at each event’s Healium ratings, heart-rate information, and neuronal activity. You are the only one who can access your dashboard, which is password secured. This is a great app for preventative screening and diagnostics via your score patterns.

Go Out and Play

Augmented Reality is an amazing innovation of the 21st century and its application has great potential for the future. Every sector, be it health, automotive, education or the military is making use of AR. 

Augmented reality, like any other technology, is changing the way you live. With such wonderful AR apps to download and explore, we are sure that your next trek into the wilderness will be highly tech-friendly

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