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Exciting Augmented Reality Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Giving gifts to your loved ones on their special day is usually stressful. You keep pondering what to give them every year. With technology and innovation affecting our daily lives, you might opt to give some of the most popular augmented reality-based presents to your loved ones this year.

Even though the AR market is booming at a fast pace, there are still millions around the world who haven’t been introduced to the concept of VR and AR-related products. With extended reality becoming popular in every field, its market size is expected to witness a rise of over 250 US billion dollars

In this post, we will provide you with a collection of AR gift suggestions. These AR gifts come with some of the most recent developments in technology for the commercial market at a time when these technologies are starting to become more prevalent in everyday households.

The Benefits of Augmented Reality Gifts

AR gifts are often received with excitement. They’re well-received amongst all age groups. The excitement is always apparent for gift receivers. However, you will notice that if you select a printable object that has been brought to life by an AR-based app, your recipients have a different level of excitement.

1. AR Greeting Cards

If you want to surprise the recipient, giving augmented reality-based greeting cards is a novel idea. You can display lovely and memorable text in addition to adding animations to your greeting card graphics.

These augmented reality greeting cards are a wonderful way to combine technology, emotions, and sentimentality. These websites include amusing and endearing AR animation cards that you may use to make your loved ones cry and laugh. These greeting cards offer sounds and animation for an immersive experience.

These cards are available to revisit anytime with a smartphone. When it comes to celebrating a loved one’s accomplishment, birthday, or anniversary, AR greeting cards are more than enough to make them happy.

2. Augmented Reality Wine

Technology meets mixology with AR wine labels. Augmented reality has transformed the way wines are sold. Some famous brands like 19 Crimes have been successful with their application of AR on wine bottles. This is a great gift to someone who loves wine and sometimes shops based on the bottle.

Augmented reality is all about increasing consumer involvement and coming up with fresh methods to stand out in a congested industry. Additionally, as users of AR technology tend to be younger people than the general population, developing these kinds of AR experiential marketing is a terrific approach to appeal to young millennial wine lovers.

3. Augmented Reality Art

Convert photos and art into memorable videos and animations. An AR canvas is an unforgettable gift for someone special. With Samsung’s new AR Canvas application, you can incorporate AR objects into your environment.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even compile an AR album of motivational content to save your memories. If a picture says a thousand words, AR says a million.

4. Augmented Reality Calendar

AR calendars are the newest application of AR technology. We’re now at a place where we may freely employ it in our daily lives for straightforward beneficial objectives. AR calendars are a prime illustration. 

Send these beautiful and lively calendars to your relatives and friends for any holiday or special event. Assemblr manufactures AR calendars that are fun and engaging.

You can use any image you prefer on a calendar page. Even better, you may add a different image for every month of the calendar year. Select a monthly theme, upload a short clip for every month, and bring the photographs to life.

5. Augmented Reality Bedding

AR pillows and bedsheets make a wonderful gifting idea for children. These bedsheets and pillows can come alive with the use of augmented reality and can be interactive. 

SpinTales makes such pillows and bedsheets for kids to have fun. Be it learning the alphabet, numbers, or rhymes, these AR pillows and bedsheets offer a unique way of blending technology and learning for a one-of-a-kind gift.   

6. AR Chocolate Boxes

Work with an artist to create a custom chocolate box cover and use augmented reality to add messages for your loved ones. Simply make a personalized special message and upload it to the chocolate box so that your loved ones may view it. These boxes can be used as both storage and greeting cards.

7. Minecraft Earth

If you know someone who loves video games and you are planning to give them something out of the box and creative, gifting Minecraft Earth is a wonderful option. This game is a great way to display how AR has changed the gaming world, making it more fun and interactive.

It’s amongst the most played games around the globe and has an AR spin for mobile players. It’s excellent for people of all age groups. You’ll be amazed at how this gifting idea can unite people. It’s the perfect game for pals searching for socially isolating recreational activities as well as families who share smartphones with their kids.

8. Tilt Five Tabletop AR Game

Tilt Five is another fantastic gift option to give someone who wants to reduce their stress. The Tilt Five game does away with the need for intricate board game set up, and augmented reality-based rules take the place of written ones. 

The package comes with holographic game pieces, AR glasses, and a stick for further interactive fun. Don’t forget to get a second pair of smart glasses for yourself!

9. AR Sweater

Revitalize the same old boring holiday sweater with interactive AR. AR sweaters can be a great idea for you to be versatile this time and surprise your loved one.

You may add special moments to the hoodie and display lovely messages, or keep it fresh and funny. Hidden AR scenes will make your gifts unique, special, and something that can be remembered forever.

The lack of widespread information on extended reality goods is one of the obstacles to further development and adoption. Introduce your family and friends to the realm of AR and VR for hours of fun. Giving someone one of these items is a terrific way to invite them to experience augmented reality technology.

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