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What is AR Zone? Everything You Need to Know

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Owners of Samsung smartphones that have an Android version 10 or higher are in for a revolutionary surprise. With the update of the operating system, users will see a new app installed on their devices. It’s called “AR Zone” and it effectively utilizes augmented reality features to make memorable photos and videos.

AR Zone is an augmented reality app included with new Samsung devices. It allows viewers to create their own augmented reality filters and emojis without coding experience.

Now, we’re assuming that you have a ton of questions regarding the app – “What does it do?” and “How can I use it? ” are probably just two of them. Read on to explore everything about the AR Zone application in the article below.

Let’s get started.


What is AR? 

Before we get to the specific application, let’s first get back to the basics with an explanation of what AR is. 

AR stands for augmented reality. This technology offers an enhanced version of the real world. It does that with the use of sounds, visual elements, and other sensory experiences delivered with the help of technological devices. As augmented reality continues to develop, more industries have begun using it. 


What is the AR Zone application?

The AR Zone App is integrated into all Samsung phones with Android Version 10 or higher. It’s essentially an application that leverages your smartphones’ built-in camera to allow you to take photos and videos while using AR features (such as 3D objects, text elements, and emoji stickers) at the same time. 

To put it in simple terms, the AR Zone App is basically a camera extension whose features largely copy what Snapchat and Instagram offer to their respective audiences. The biggest difference is that  the AR Zone App uses augmented reality to create emojis based on photos of real people. These features do include things such as editing their outfits, eye colors, and other characteristics.


What is AR Zone used for?

Users can utilize the AR Zone App to transform their faces into emojis, thanks to the AR emoji camera. They can also get more creative and make specific AR frames, stamps, masks, and doodles that can be put in photos and videos they take. 

The AR Zone App also has Deco Pic or AR Emoji Stickers – features that serve as filters for all photo and video experiences. 

For now, the AR Zone App is mainly used to create fun family photos and as a way for small kids to have fun by transforming their faces (drawing mustaches, beards, and glasses to the faces of their parents, siblings, and other family members). 


What features does AR Zone have?

The AR Zone App has seven key features. Let’s look at all of them in detail.


AR Zone Camera

The AR Zone Camera allows you to create your own, personal emojis. To do so, you only need to take a picture of yourself and go to the “My Emoji” section of the app, in order to create an animated version of the photo that you just took. 

AR Doodle

If you’re someone that loves making Doodle Arts, you can do so thanks to the AR Zone App. With it, you can get your creative juices flowing and make random anime characters or specific frame patterns. The Doodle Art feature can also be used as a way to spice up the backgrounds of otherwise boring photos that you took – you can draw anything from clouds to funny emojis. 

AR Emoji Studio

The AR Emoji Studio lets you customize your already created Emoji characters. With it, you can transform your face and that of others, by changing hairstyles, eye color and adding different accessories such as earrings and sunglasses.

AR Emoji Stickers

If you already have emoji characters created through the studio feature, you can make them into gifs or use them as contact photos for people you have on your phone.

AR Dedo Pic

Dedo Pic is a feature of the app that enables you to send your stickers to friends and family. With it, you can add some creativity to each photo you take by adding different lip colors, changing the hairstyle, or adding beards to your friends and family. 

AR Home Decor

This is a great feature that allows you to take a picture of your room and add furniture and other elements to it – virtually. It can be a terrific tool for when you want to redecorate your home or a holiday villa. 

AR Quick Measure

The AR Zone App lets you measure the size and distance of different subjects. It’s easy to use and very convenient for when you need to take measurements quickly and efficiently, while on the go.


FAQ About the AR Zone App


Who can use the AR Zone application?

Everyone that owns a Samsung smartphone with an Android version 10 or higher. 

Why do I not have the AR Zone application on my Android phone?

You can have the AR Zone App on your Android phone, only if it’s from the brand Samsung and its Android OS Version is 10 or higher. If your phone doesn’t comply with these prerequisites then you cannot install the AR Zone App on it. 

Can I delete the AR Zone app on my Samsung phone?

The app is impossible to remove because it’s built into the camera app and integrated into the phone’s OS. 

How much does AR Zone cost?

The app is completely free and can be installed on any Samsung phone (Android version 10 or higher).

Is AR Zone the same as AR Canvas?

No, the new AR Canvas App will take augmented reality features to the next level, as it will let users get 3D text, brushes, create gifs on the go, built into and more. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, the AR Zone App is a great way to get acquainted with augmented reality. It’s a helpful application that allows you to take funny photos, create emojis and animated doodles, however, it still has a lot of potential to grow and doesn’t really utilize all that AR can offer to the user experience. 

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